Art of Interviewing

Research shows how interviewers who conduct frequent interviews have a huge impact on an organization in terms of its reputation as an employer of choice and the quality of hires. Just because one is a highly proven manager may not be equivalent to saying one is a capable interviewer. It’s an art and skill that needs practice and mastery.  This program by DOOR raises managers’ awareness and equips them with skills to become an effective interviewer


  • Introduction to the role and mindset of an interviewer
  • Talent and your organization
  • Most used interviewing techniques
  • Ingredients of a successful interview
  • Practice Sessions


Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be
able to:

  • Understand impact of interviewing on Employer brand
  • Understand ingredients of a successful interview
  • Learn interviewing techniques and interviewer’s role
  • Sharpen skills to conduct interviews effectively through practice sessions
  • Create a positive impression on the candidate for you and the organization




2 Days

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